It’s warm in here
Cafe 48 lovee
She says when I ask
Looking at the loyalty card, the matching Tees…
48th ‘Cafe #1’
Not quite 50. A long way from the top.

It’s cold as a bastard outside
As my father-in-law would say.
Wooly hats and fleecy tops
High-vis vests on stoic workman
Short mountains on stocky legs
The Aberysters take comfort over fashion.

It’s cold outside alright.
Wind like a banshee
Whips along grey gutters
Double-glazed shutters
Past silver hair dos
Horn-rimmed faces
Clarks leather shoes
Dark brown laces.

God it’s cold out there.
Cold but not snow-cold.
No white release, gentle peace.
Aber is a poor lover:
Timid, daunted, placid, flaccid.
Forever held in Tantric suspense.

It’s cold but never cool.
Kentucky Woman on the radio.
Girls with iPhones wander in
Wander past, wondering
When to leave, where to go
Or stay forever and regret.

Damn cold today.
Cold enough to question
To ask those tricky ones.
Those big moments
Eureka. Hallelujah. Godforsake ya.
Leave if you can
Stay if you musta…

Crazy cold, eh?
Oh yer she says
Without conviction.
Yes I need a bag
A bag, a bullet and a shotgun delivery.
Shoot the cold breeze
Shoo, shoo little bird
Shove off