PhD Research

I’m undertaking a PhD in colour perception in the School of Art and Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Here’s the skinny… Deep Colour How colour aids our perception of depth and space Research into colour tends to be grounded in either the phenomenological or the ontological[i]. That is, colour theories either seek to model the experience of […]

A Graphic Arts Handbook

My professional life distilled into one book: the essential companion to print and screen graphics. Available in ePub, PDF and paper. Publication date: Easter 2020. Download the course slides here. Preface This book has been a very long time coming. I began using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in their very first versions – and even […]

The Book of Aber

The Book of Aber is a personal portrait of Aberystwyth told through 170 full-colour photographs. The book is divided into 16 chapters, each of which contains a short introduction (in English and Welsh) and a range of images on that subject. Two years in the making, The Book of Aber captures much of what it’s […]

How to be Cool

Out at dinner with friends recently, I said something about a new cafe being nice but not ‘cool’. “Cool?” my friend asked, eyebrows heading north, “What does that even mean?” I looked down at my pint of foreign beer with logo-alligned glass and pondered. I was going to say “If you have to ask…” but it […]

Aber Winter

It’s warm in here Cafe 48 lovee She says when I ask Looking at the loyalty card, the matching Tees… 48th ‘Cafe #1’ Not quite 50. A long way from the top. It’s cold as a bastard outside As my father-in-law would say. Wooly hats and fleecy tops High-vis vests on stoic workman Short mountains […]

Valentines Day

What a bore New lovers brag success Cocky with cocksure knowing Nothing About nothing At all Old lovers slow clap from sidelines filled With bruised and broken veins Cheer without conviction They meet the gaze of those still unchosen That unjust army Those unlovely lovers That cruel, unnatural selection Leaves more deserving players Unmatched, disconnected, […]

I Want to Be…

I want to be great. A great lover of great women. Proud. Prowess. Excess. A spectacular dongle Hangs to my side. A battleaxe to make the feeble tremble. I want to be strong. Big man arms. Broadside Chesty Bond Big throttle handshake Pinch those biceps. Ooohh… They’ll say… I want to be smart. Whip sharp. […]