Tube Riders 2022


Your very own original print from the famous Tube Riders project on the London Underground. Available here to download and print yourself at home or at your local printshop. Probably shoot for A4 if you want to print at home. A3 (twice as big) or A2 (double again) if you can get it printed elsewhere.

Get in touch if you’d like a different size or a printed, framed edition.

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Since moving to London in 2021, I have been sketching my fellow passengers on the Tube using just my phone, a stylus, and an app – usually Tayasui Sketches because it’s elegant and simple. It’s been a lot of fun and a great learning experience, trying to capture someone in just a minute or two without them noticing! Occasionally I get sprung – not by the subject (well, so far!) but by other passengers sitting beside me. Sometimes they comment, but other times I’m aware that they’ve clocked me even if they don’t say so. On one occasion, late at night, the subject’s friend caught me out and they insisted on a selfie with me, the picture, and the subject! It was great fun… I get a lot of pleasure out of the whole process and now the prints are available to you 🙂

Please note: artwork is presented at actual trim size (A4, A3 or A2), without bleed or crop marks, in CMYK*. If printing at home, choose ‘borderless print’ if your printer supports that option. Otherwise request that from your print shop to avoid a white border around the artwork. There is a paper texture behind the images so the background is not pure white.

*CMYK is the colour space used for printing. The colour profile used is FOGRA39 (common in Europe/UK) although it will make little difference if printed using a different standard.

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